Our Powerful Software Solutions

Protect your engineering know-how 

Frequently a lot of knowledge is deposited in CATIA models, in the form of properties, parameters or formulas.
This knowledge can be deleted with one push of a button, without destroying the structure of your models.
EFficient renaming and saving of CATIA V5 models

Rename the part numbers, titles or file names of your models. Selected characters in the names can be inserted, replaced or deleted. The formulas, properties, parameters, BOM numbers are updated automatically. Products are saved according to rules.
A powerful tool for transformation of CATIA models and templates
CATCommander is a powerful macro – oriented tool for CATIA, which helps you to satisfy the individual customer requirements. You don‘t have to give up your PLM process chain.
 CAT.Bom (Bill of Material)
Fill your bom values and create your bill of material
BOM properties or parameters can be defined in your company’s templates. You can fill your values bi-directionally with CATIA. The modification of the values are very simple and are supported by value lists (combo boxes), calculations or inherit.
Change the links and texts of your CATDrawing
CATIA does not allow the linking of CATDrawings to another part or product, since the UUID is not identical. This restriction does not apply for CAT.DrawingManagment.

Our powerful electrical inteface

KBL – Electrical Harness Interface for CATIA V5, 3DExperience and NX
CAT.KBL is an interface between electrical and mechanical harness design solutions. CAT.KBL can visualise and synchronise the CAD wire harness with the ECAD electrical schematic. Supported CAD solutions are CATIA V5, 3DExperience and NX. Preferred ECAD systems are ENGINERING BASE from Aucotec, ARCADIA from CADONIX and PREEvision from Vector.