CAT.SaveManagment Efficient renaming and saving of CATIA V5 models

Version 03.05.22 | 03.06.2022

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CAT.Savemanagment is powerfull tool for efficient renaming and saving of CATIA fffmodels

During the last years the product complexities and CAD data volume have increased constantly. Nowadays a new construction is not beginning by „zero“. Rather company specific templates are the basic for new constructions.
The challenge  often lies in a time consuming modification of the naming and of cause in managing and saving of the new parts and assemblies. Also the associativity with 2D -drawings must not be lost.
These requirements can be fulfilled with CATIA V5 in the default configuration only by time – consuming manual tasks.
This is the focus of CATSaveManagement, which brings with a lot of useful functions a quick amend.  
   The most important
 Renaming | Save as
 Partnumber | Instancename | Filename| Properties
 Product | Part
 Insert | Remove | Replace | Formula
  Dictionary | Remove | Replace | Synchronize
 Partnumber | Instancename | Filename | Bodyname
Geometry simplification (Dummy)
 by using start-models
 Rule based renaming and saving
Partnumber | Instancename | Parameter
 Export | Import
  Partnumber | Instancename | Filename | Number | Nomenclature
 Keeps associativity to drawings
 Origin record | Edit | Update
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