CAT.Bom Create your Bill of Material on the basis of your company's templates

Version 03.19.0 | 27.05.2024

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CAT.Bom is powerfull tool to create your bill of material on the basis of your company’s templates.

BOM properties or parameters can be defined in your company’s templates. You can fill your values bi-directionally with CATIA. The modification of the values are very simple and are supported by value lists (combo boxes), calculations or inherit.
You can not only use the classical product-part structures, but can also define a product-part-body structure. For the BOM export there is a preview function. The BOM can be calculated on selected levels.
The expenditure for parts list can take place in freely definable, Excel templates, HTML, text file or CATDrawings.e
   The most important
 Create your CATIA BOMs  
  in company Excel templates
  your properties or parameters
  Excel, Text, CSV, HTML, Drawing
  Weight, material, …
 NC geometry 
 Adjustment and modification 
  of parts and products 
  List of values, …
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