CAT.Commander A powerful tool for transformation of CATIA models and templates

Version 01.29.00 | 20.12.2017

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CAT.Commander is a powerful tool for transformation of CATIA models and templates

Over the last few years, you have systematically translated your practical experience into intelligent and complex CATIA templates that match your manufacturing processes.
You have invested a lot of time, money and energy in developing these intelligent assemblies and parts. These templates are necessary for your economic success because they increase productivity. On the other hand, your customers are increasingly dictating new requirements. One customer may suggest that you use start models (with an exact CATIA UUID), another may require specific tree structures and naming conventions, or even a different language.

CAT.Commander is a powerful macro-oriented tool for CATIA V5 that helps you meet individual customer requirements. You don’t have to give up your PLM process chain.

   The most important
 Creating, deleting and cleaning of items
 bodies, axis, parameters, properties, …
 Control of formatting
 Show/Hide on all levels, Transparency, …
 Creating of flexible lists
 between Excel and CATIA
 Translate names
 geometrical objects
Copy geometry in models with customer UUIDs
 by using start-models
Adjustment and modification
 of parts and products
Transformation of templates
 according to customers‘ requirements
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