CAT.Clean Protect your engineering know-how

Version 01.00.11  | 11.08.2017

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The goal of this freeware is to protect your engineering know-how.

Frequently a lot of knowledge is deposited in CATIA models, in the form of properties, parameters or formulas. This knowledge can be deleted with one push of a button, without destroying the structure of your models.
   The most important
 Creating, deleting and cleaning of items
&nbspbodies, axis, parameters, properties, …
 Control of formatting
 Show/Hide on all levels, Transparency, …
 Creating of flexible lists 
 between Excel and CATIA
 Translate names
 geometrical objects
 Exchange of UUIDs
  by using start-models
 Adjustment and modification
 of parts and products
 Transformation of templates
 according to customers‘ requirements
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